Monday, March 24

It's making me dizzy!

circle 7

**New Stash Alert**

Big and Bossy embossing pad .... Yummy!

Tim Holtz stamps ..... even more yummy!

I think I may have overdone the gold on this one .... but you can't take it back so it will have to stay!!! That photo negative stamp is easily my favouritist Tim stamp ever ..... I think I shall be using that on almost everything now! I also got some eclipse tape from Stamp Addicts - I usually use post it notes but the eclipse tape is much better for masking .... not that the bit I masked actually made it to my finished piece .... but it did work well :0))

Have I done the back before putting the brads on? I hear you ask .... erm ..... No!


Andrea said...

Linda this is a brilliant circle, you have some great ideas and I love it lots xx

Angie C said...

This is beautiful, my favourite colour and I love the stamp and the flowers - and I don't think you've over-done the gold at all

made by fifi said...

i think there can never be too much gold - i love it xx

Lesley said...

I love this one - it's great xxx

Hels said...

Fab!! Love this more than a cup of Gold Blend and some All Gold choccy :O))


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