Monday, March 3

I have just been tagged!

Blimey - This is a first. I have to make a post and I have nowt to show for it! My blogging sister Fairymadjo did the tagging! So here goes!

[1] What were you doing 10 years ago???

Well I was in the well known band, Heresay .... we had one number one hit and I had to leave because I could n't actually sing! The honest answer is .... pretty much what I am doing now, apart from the fact that I had money then because I was not addicted to paper craft!

[2] What were you doing a year ago?

Tim and I had just started our relationship [you know....Tim Holtz] It was all very new then and we were inseperable! The honest answer being .... I had just met Tim Holtz .... but with about 30 other people and apart from a quick cuddle in theeeeee photo .... We did n't talk much :0(( I was also just starting to work again after a two year spell of illness.

[3] Name your 5 favourite snacks?

Quavers, Toffee Crisps, Jaffa cakes, Dairy Milk and Frys Turkish delight [Healthy .... huh????]

[4] Name 5 things you would do if you were millionaire

Buy an apartment in New York; Buy an apartment in Covent garden; employ Tim Holtz to play with; Take lots of holidays with lots of freinds and family; Fly to Paris for lunch .... yup I would just have lunch and fly home [How decadent is that?]

[5] Name five things that you like doing!

Crafting; eating chocolate; doing more crafting; eating more chocolate; and doing even more crafting.

[6] Name 5 things you will never wear again

A mini skirt; a wedding dress; coloured tights; An Adam Ant style jacket; Bay City Roller trousers

[7] Name your five favourite things

My family; Tim Holtz; my friends; my doggy and my craftroom

Now I need to tag 5 other people!

The lucky people are:-

Hels, Lesley, Sheila, Lyds and Fifi

Good Luck everybody - Now you all need to tag another five people - each! I shall be looking closely at your blogs in the near future!


Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

*SNORT* I love your answer to #2.

Hels Sheridan said...

I have been tagged by you...and I have done the questions...all very honestly too :O))


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