Tuesday, March 25

The circle of life!

That heading has absolutely nothing to do with this post .... but I am all out of titles!

circle 10

I love this stamp. Unfortunately I cannot remember if it is Oxford impressions or Paperbag studios.

I remember the shopping trip well though. Andrea and I went shopping together online. She was an hour and a half drive away from me at the time and she still managed to convince me to buy more than I should! Probably because she knows all the cool places to shop .... she did n't need to twist my arm at all!

I am quite please with the sequin waste effect. I dabbed embossing ink through the holes and sprinkled on gold detail embossing powder for the raised and textured look. The ink comes in a bottle rather than a pad .... I think the pad may have been a bit hit and miss but the dabber worked well.

I am rambling now - sorry for the pun! [shoes - rambling - get it?] .... Well I laughed :0))


Jo said...

Wonderful Linda...love the image :)

Maureen said...

That is a great stamp and I love the gold dots!

Andrea said...

its fab Linda and its a paper bag studios Stamp. we did have a good shop didnt we and it was you who twisted my arm slightly, LOL I have loved these circles xx

Angie C said...

What a great stamp :-) Love your circle

made by fifi said...

brill circle - looking forward to the next one xx

Rosie said...

I love this stamp too - and I've got one, its by Paperbag Studios. Love what you've done with it.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

A fantastic circle Linda!! Love those shoes! So cute ^.^

Ann said...

Brilliant stamp & very cute circle - love it Linda xxx


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