Sunday, March 30

A Christmas Card!

Yes I know - tis only March! I usually do the Rudolph challenge over on UKS but I am finding five cards a month a bit heavy going. Anyway I came across this whilst blog hopping!


For Fab's Big Christmas Challenge you need to make one Christmas card a month .... unless of course you are crazy,[Fab's words not mine!] then you get to do more!

Well I am happy to announce I am not crazy yet!!! [although I fear there are a few of you out there that will disagree with that statement :0))]


This is my March card. It is actually a direct copy of another card I made for my boyfriend last year - but I liked it so much .... thought I would make another one!

Besides I am too tired to think of any new ideas right now! I have had the bestest day with some of my crafting buddies. We had a birthday party, with butterfly fairy cakes, pass-the-parcel and everything - it was partylicious!

Thank you to Dan, Hels, Andrea, Lesley and Tina for the good company, laughs and the fantastic birthday presents you gave me.

And Thank you to Denize too, who sadly could n't make it - you were sorely missed hunny and make sure Andrea gives you your party bag :0))



Kath Stewart said...

Love your card

Andrea said...

we had a fab day to Linda and a huge thanks to you for supplying party bags, parce the parcel and food goodies, of course your fab company to xxx by the way the cards great xxx

Lesley said...

Lovely card Linda - I saw the first one last year!! And thank you for the fab party - I had a great time xxx

Hels Sheridan said...

And thank you too for a fab day Linda, those bubbles kept me amused for hours :O)) Love this card more than I love cheese n pineapple on sticks :O))

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Fabulous card Linda x
Glad you had a lovely party ^.^

Jo said...

Lovely card Linda and what a great idea although I think I'd have to make ten a month to complete them all on time!! Will have a go though.

Kari said...

Great card!!!

Maureen said...

Love it! Love the fold, love all the elements together!


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